•   Being part of a power lifting club is not what most people would expect. It’s a place to learn about lifting and become a better lifter surrounded by people with loads of experience. I personally added 60lb to my bench and over a 100lb to my deadlift in five months. It does not matter if you’re already a 900lb squatter or you can barely handle the bar, the Amherst Powerlifting Club is where you should train. There is no commercial gym that even comes close to producing the high quality of lifters with the number of national records that the Amherst powerlifting club does. ~ Tyler Sangster
  • APC has not only made me stronger but I have formed great friendships that will last a life time. I have learned proper form and I have added and broken personal records every week. I keep getting stronger at APC. And I would also like to thank Nathan Robertson for starting this gym. ~ Lucas Chapman
  • "The Amherst Powerlifting Club is a great experience for everybody. size does not matter at all, I was 140lbs my first day and I now hold 6 national records. Nathan Robertson is a great trainer and teacher. I recommend APC to anybody who wants to get strong, compete, or just go to get fit and have a good time" ~ Kristen Best
  • The Amherst Powerlifting Club has helped me in many ways. First of all, it gave me the opportunity to pursue my sport of choice as well as giving me the sense of having a team supporting me at all times. The Amherst Powerlifting Club offered me a place to SAFELY get stronger, under the proper supervision of experienced lifters. I had a lot of flaws with my strength training before I started going to the Amherst Powerlifting Club, but Nathan and the lifters at APC helped me rectify those problems. The support and knowledge at the Amherst Powerlifting Club helped me push the limits and earn 4 national records and achieve many personal bests. If your looking to get strong, in a safe and hardcore atmosphere APC is the only place to train. It doesn't matter how strong you are when you first go to APC our only goal is to get you making strength gains as fast as you can so you can soon be successfully competing and having fun while doing so. Sincerely, ~ Marson Coleman
  • Why the APC?

    For a person that has trained all of his adult life, I have trained in my own home gym, YMCA's, private gyms, 24 hour gyms you name it and I trained there. APC is a training facility more than a gym, it has all the equipment you need for the task at hand. When in 2010, Nathan asked me to be a part of the APC I was totally on board. It was the end of stresses and stereotypes at regulars gyms in which Powerlifters receive on a regular basis. Too much noise, chalk and using too much weight were the common complaints. At the APC you train as a team and no one person is more important than the team. The members of the APC work hard to put forward a strong reputation and the importance of what is best for the club is best for you. Members, equipment, atmosphere make it possible for the APC to exist and without one these it would not be. I have being competing and judging powerlifting for 10 years and my opinion the APC puts on the best contests for lifters and fans alike. The Canadian Powerlifting Federation is lifter friendly. No one lifter is more important than the sport. In two years the APC have organized and put on most likely the best contests in Canada attracting lifters from all over North America. I am a Personal Trainer(CPTN), Certified Fitness Consultant, Level 1 Certified coach and have 35 years experience in weight training and I find the APC is head and shoulder above any other training facility I have  ever trained in BAR none.