A unique training facility located in Amherst, NS catering to powerlifters and strength athletes to give them a place to train, free from the prejudices of commercial gyms, in an environment designed to aid in preparing the lifter for competition. APC houses a number of pieces of equipment that are not available to athletes in the Maritimes, such as a squat monolift, competition bench press, Glute/Ham raise machine, Reverse Hyper machine, etc. APC also has a certified Metal Militia trainer on staff.

A number of national records are held by various club members. We currently have 11 national record holders and one multiple world record holder training @ APC! Together we hold over 50 NATIONAL RECORDS and 3 world records at APC!!

 APC gets results...You don't have to BE strong to train at APC...you GET strong at APC!! We train all levels from beginner to pro, so don't be scared to come be as strong as you can be, JOIN TODAY!!

We hold 3 events per year in Amherst, Nova Scotia including raw, equipped, teen and special olympic lifters, novice to master welcome, ALL federations welcome, we do not discriminate! We do not tell you who you can lift with, who you can train with, what you can wear when you lift...this is a federation by lifters, for lifters, and for lifters to have fun in competition and train, not to be burdened by rules. Our events are high energy, blasting music, motivational events!!!

Our club mandate:

- you must compete (when ready, for new lifters 6-12 mos)
- you must represent APC in the best way you can (wear your club shirt, recruit new members, compete, dedication to training, etc.)
- help at all fundraisers (when possible), gym repairs and anything to better the club
- help your fellow lifters by coaching, spotting, loading (no one should have to load or unload their attempted weight), helping in/out of gear,make an effort to go to competitions where you are not competing to help your fellow club members, and overall support for other club members
- keep gym clean, respect the gym and put everything away in its place after use
- pay your gym dues in a timely manner so that we can maintain the club, as we are a non profit organization
- APC reserves the right to use photos, video, contest results, etc. of any member for the purpose of promoting the club on the internet, newspaper or any other news media